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Entry List
Friday 29 November
T: 01553 771881
Please note this list is likely to change. New entries are being accepted right up until the start of the auction and occasionally a lot may be removed. Please check our website for the most up to date list.
Item Registration Make & Model Type Colour Year MOT Mileage
LOT:2391:*JS01 GL63 DGY Peugeot 3008 Active E-HDI 5DR White 63 14 06/05/2020 85k
LOT:2391:*JS02 AJ03 FML Ford Focus Ghia TDCI 5dr Blue 03 03 15/05/2020 176k
LOT:2391:*JS03 NX09 UWU Vauxhall Astra SXI Twinport 5dr Silver 09 09 08/01/2020 114k
LOT:2391:*JS04 KH55 GCK Vauxhall Vectra Life 5dr Blue 55 05 27/06/2020 94k
LOT:2391:*JS05 AG08 GDJ Peugeot 308 Sport HDI 135 3dr Grey 08 08 16/06/2020 107k
LOT:2391:*JS06 X823 VYB Citroen Berlingo Multispace Estate Silver X 01 07/03/2020 52k
LOT:2391:*JS07 LC09 CHY Peugeot 207 Sport CC Convert. Black 09 09 16/09/2020 71k
LOT:2391:*JS08 AO64 HMA Ford C-Max Titanium Turbo MPV Blue 64 14 05/11/2019 65k
LOT:2391:*JS09 FY53 SSO BMW X5 D Sport Estate Blue 53 03 09/04/2020 141k