Buying & Selling

Whether you are a full time trader or if you are looking to use a car auction for the very first time as a private individual, our expert team can give you the best buying or selling advice

A car auction house acts as an agent between people wishing to sell motor vehicles and people who wish to purchase them. However, there is more to understand about an auction than just this.

Car auctions are an invaluable service within the motor industry and allow individuals and organisations of all sizes to dispose of, and hence replace many tens of thousands of vehicles every year.

Price, choice and convenience are important to remember when visiting an auction. In terms of price you will be paying the same as the trade. The choice of vehicles is tremendous as auctions are not tied to any one manufacturer. Convenience, simply because it would take weeks to view as many cars as you can view at one auction sale.

If you are interested in buying or selling your vehicle at Anglia Car Auctions, please contact the sales office on 

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