Auction Advice

Buying at an auction can save you valuable time and money plus give you the reassurance of having the experts on hand to make sure you get a good price for your vehicle.

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Why buy at an auction?

Save Money - You’ll pay no more than trade price for a vehicle at an auction and that’s why the professional motor trader buys vehicles at auction.

Save Time – It could take you weeks to view as many vehicles ‘in the flesh’ as you can at just one auction.

The choice – Auction houses aren’t tied to any one manufacturer so the choice of makes and models is extensive and quite often the number of vehicles you can view at just one auction can far outweigh the number of vehicles you see at a single dealership.

If you’ve never been to an auction before be prepared for something very different. Save yourself the time of having to pore through multiple adverts and having to travel miles to see only one, often unsuitable vehicle.

At ACA the atmosphere is electric once the auction is underway. You can grab a bit to eat and a hot cup of tea whilst you prepare to buy your next family run around, or a sporty little number ‘for the weekend’ or your next hardworking commercial companion.

Buying Tips:

Decide in advance – Avoid making passionate buying decisions on the spur of the moment. Carefully choose the make and model of the vehicle that really suits your purpose. Then decide the maximum amount you are willing and able to pay for it. Stick to your budget.

Do your homework – visit our auction at least once before you are ready to buy a vehicle.  You can obtain a sales list from the office which gives you the chance to check the information on each vehicle as you view them, although there is screen ticket providing information in each lot.  You will experience for yourself just how quickly the actual bidding takes place. Take a note of the prices that have been achieved for certain vehicles and take special care to listen to the auctioneer.

Check, check and check again – Before the car is driven into the auction hall have a good look at it inside and out. At that point, armed with the knowledge you’ve gained by visiting our auction on your test run, decide what you are willing to pay for that exact car, now that it’s physically in front of you. Make a note of the lot number and have your deposit at the ready.

‘Sold as Seen’ or ‘Sold with Trial’ – take special care to listen to the auctioneer as the vehicles are offered under the following conditions; 

* Sold as Seen – if you purchase a vehicle that is ‘Sold as Seen’ the sale cannot be cancelled. 

* Sold with a Trial - the vehicle must fetch a minimum price of £1,500. If the car is sold with a mechanical description the vehicle may be test driven by the buyer accompanied by an ACA driver. Should the vehicle not live up to its mechanical description and a dispute arises, any request by the buyer to cancel the sale will be referred to our mechanical engineer. The decision of our mechanical engineer is final.

Trial Period – the trial period outlined in the above is valid for one hour from the time of purchase. 

Payment – If you are successful in bidding, you will be required to pay a deposit immediately and give your full name and address to the rostrum clerk. Deposits required are: £100 for sale prices under £1,000 and £100 per additional £’000 thereafter. Deposits can be paid by cash or by debit card. Credit cards will be subject to an additional fee.

Indemnity Fee – as a buyer you will be charged an indemnity fee for each vehicle that you have bought. This will protect you as the buyer for a three month period should the vehicle;

* Have outstanding finance owed on the vehicle

* Been stolen

* Has not been recorded on the VCAR Register (written off by an insurance company). Once the indemnity fee has been paid ACA will conduct the necessary checks on your behalf.

Car Insurance – At the fall of the hammer the vehicle becomes the responsibility of the buyer so we recommend that you get the vehicle insured at the earliest opportunity.

If you have any further questions, please contact us on 01553 771881 or email