Sell Your Classic

We would really like to hear from you about your classic car whether it's by telephone or email so that we can discuss with you it's potential entry in one of our five classic sales held each year.  The number of entries has continued to increase and it is important that both of us are happy with the valuation before we proceed.  This ensures that we are able to offer the best selection of cars at the right price.

So, firstly we need to be able to view the car either in person or by email.  We need information such as service history or other documents, has it been in long-term single/family ownership  does it have it's original buff log and or a current V5, is it MoT'd, a description of it's general condition both of the exterior and interior, is it running, does it have an original handbook, etc.,  and what sort of price you are hoping to achieve.

Questions & Answers:

Q: How soon can I drop my car off at the auction.

A:  As soon as the previous auction has finished.  We have enough undercover  space to securely store it for you.

QCan ACA collect my vehicle.

A:  Yes.  We endeavour to collect as many vehicles ourselves as possible but occasionally we are unable to do this competitively for single collections from an area that we are currently travelling to.  We do, however, work closely with NG Logistics of King's Lynn who provide an excellent service at favourable rates.

Q:  When do I receive the funds from the sale of my vehicle.

A:  Assuming that your vehicle has been paid in full, cheques are posted first class on the second Wednesday, which is eight working days, after the auction has been held.  


Classic Car Fees:

Entry:  £75 (+vat).  Includes valet.

Commission:  5% (+vat).  Minimum fee of £100 (+vat) applies.


 Classic Motorcycle Fees:

Entry:   £25 (+vat).

Buying:  7.5% (+vat)   Minimum   £50 (+vat)

Selling:   5% (+vat)     Minimum   £50 (+vat)