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Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th June


LOT 798

Estimate:  £8,000 - £10,000

Remains available

  • V5 present
  • Chassis number: BZBFNZ21045

While, from the outside, this Ford looks much like any other Cortina MkIII (save for the Avon Safety Wheels), it is very different inside. Built in 1974 (and registered during August of that year) it was a joint project between Ford and the Government's Transport and Road Research Laboratory (TRRL) to demonstrate how much padding was necessary to give passengers the same level of protection as would be obtained from wearing seatbelts in a standard Cortina. While all cars from 1965 on had to be fitted with front seatbelts by law, there was no requirement for occupants to actually wear them; this wouldn't become compulsory until 1983. Thus, this 2000E's interior was reworked with extensive amounts of extra padding front and rear. While the protection to those in the rear seats was equivalent to that provided by belts, safety for those up front probably still fell short of that offered by seatbelts. Other changes included a digital dashboard - very innovative and advanced for the mid-1970s - along with the Avon Safety Wheels (intended to prevent tyres detaching in the event of unexpected deflation).

After its life as a TRRL demonstrator came to an end, it was saved from destruction by a former lab employee, who stored it for 30 years. It passed to a new owner in 2011, who then refurbished the Cortina. The engine was stripped down and rebuilt, but much else - components, trim, glass and metalwork - were kept and renovated, to retain the car's originality. 

The Cortina's last MoT expired in May 2023, although it is now MoT-exempt as an historic vehicle. As part of a collection, it has been out of use for a while and will therefore benefit from some recommissioning and automatic gearbox attention before it is used on the road again, although it does drive. It is recommended to have it trailered to a garage to be checked over before use. Body condition is good. The odometer shows 17,170 miles and five owners overall are recorded by the V5C. 

Paperwork accompanying the Cortina includes the V5C, a previous V5 showing the TRRL as the owner and vehicle data sheets. There are MoT certificates from 2016 to 2019 and 2022, as well as assorted invoices dating from 2011 (when the Cortina was refurbished) onwards. The car also comes with a Pitman's workshop manual, as well as an owner's handbook. 

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