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In the vibrant and electrifying world of automotive design, where raw power meets aesthetic beauty, there emerged an icon that defined an era - the Ford Mustang. And in 1969, a team of passionate and visionary designers embarked on a journey to create a Mustang that would captivate the hearts of car enthusiasts worldwide. Among the Ford Motor Companies' design teams was Albert McNea, whose unwavering creative enthusiasm left an indelible mark on his colleagues. His boundless passion and creative vision ignited a fire within the design team, propelling them to push the boundaries of design.

As the vibrant energy of the late 1960s permeated the air, Ford set out to redefine the Mustang, infusing it with a renewed sense of power, performance, and style. Albert McNea, a senior designer at the company, was a member of the design team for 1969 model Mustang, where much of his focus was on the design elements of the rear end of the car. The 1969 Mustang exuded an aura of dynamic energy that set pulses racing. Its muscular stance, and aggressive lines hinted at the untamed power that lay beneath the hood. From the commanding grille to the sculpted rear haunches, every element was meticulously crafted to convey an unwavering sense of raw power and strength.

McNea’s design sense not only looked breathtaking but also translated into a visceral driving experience.

The 1969 Mustang was a testament to Ford’s ability to infuse life into a design, igniting a passion in every driver fortunate enough to experience its exhilarating embrace.

Moreover, McNea's collaborative spirit breathed life into the design studio, fostering an environment where ideas flowed freely, and creative boundaries were broken. He understood the power of collective inspiration and encouraged his fellow designers to unleash their full potential, pushing each other to new heights of creativity.

The result was a Mustang that encapsulated the spirit of an entire generation. It was a machine that commanded attention wherever it roared, its presence on the road evoking a sense of awe and envy. 

As the sun set on the era of the 1960s and 70s Mustangs, its legacy has endured, transforming it into an automotive icon that transcends time and captures the very essence of freedom, power, and creative enthusiasm.

In the hallowed halls of Ford Motor Company, the Mustang's legacy continues to inspire designers and enthusiasts alike to push the boundaries of creativity and unleash their creativity upon the world.

Artwork Description:

Size: 24”x18”

Materials: Pencil, Marker Pen & Gouache on vellum