101Smart Ltd.

Original Concept Artworks

We are offering a unique opportunity to purchase rare examples of late 1960's original artwork from the design studio of the Ford Motor Company in Detroit, Michigan, created by Albert T. McNea.

Never intended for public scrutiny, the vast majority of these artworks were guarded by the companies for whom the designers worked for and most of the work was destroyed.
Representing the imaginations of American car designers without the constraints of fuel economy and the impact to the environment, it was a time when anything seemed possible, even landing on the moon, which set off a trend for designing cars which represented the optimism of space flight.
Many of these designs never made it beyond the artists desk, a few obviously did and went on to become clay models and ultimately the machines we now recognise as true classics.
Drawn by hand using materials such as pencil, marker-pen and gouache (a water based paint), the art of drawing by hand has long been surpassed with computer rendering programmes making these artworks all the more appealing.