If you are not attending the auction in person but would like to bid remotely, you can do this by registering online via the Saleroom.com on the link below when you will be required to pay a deposit.

Deposits are refunded automatically by the card company and not by ACA. It will recognise that you have not made a purchase and the refund process will be initiated automatically.
Please allow two to three working days for this to be credited to your account.


We are open Monday to Friday from 9am and you are welcome to view anytime. On Saturday we open from 9am to 1pm. It is advisable to call us on 01553 771881 or 777444 if you are coming to view a specific vehicle to check whether it is still available or has been sold.

Collections can be made at the time of purchase. We allow collection until the Saturday following the sale when we are open from 9am to 1pm. Storage fees will be incurred thereafter. Any vehicle not collected within one week of purchase, will be placed in a storage compound. Please note, a minimum fee of £35 +vat will be charged for each week that it is in the compound even if it is there for only one day.    

Bidding, Buyers Fees and Payment
You will be required to pay a deposit at the time of bidding of £100 per £'000, a minimum deposit applies of £500. If you bid provisionally, your deposit is refundable if we are unable to achieve a sale. If you are only paying the deposit at the time of the sale, you will need to pay the balance within 48 hours. All vehicles must be removed within 3 working days of the sale, after that you will incur storage charges. 

Upon purchase an invoice will be produced
Settlement is by bank transfer - bank details are below

An indemnity fee will be charged on the purchase price of each vehicle. This covers the buyer for a period of three months against the vehicle being stolen, subject to an outstanding finance agreement or an undeclared total loss. See below for a table of charges. 

Please note
Online Bidding:  An additional fee of 2% +vat will be added to the hammer price
Deposit:            A deposit is required before bidding can be approved  

Bank Details
Account name:    Anglia Car Auctions Limited
Account number: 42296168
Sort code:           30 96 17

Indemnity Fees for Modern Cars only

Value of the Vehicle(£)      Indemnity Fee VAT inclusive     
Up to £250 £75
£251 to £749 £125                                     
£750 to £999 £155                                     
£1000 to £1999 £190                                 
£2000 to £2999 £211                                 
£3000 to £3999 £237                                     
£4000 to £4999 £249                                 
£5000 to £5999 £267                                
£6000 to £6999 £287                                   
£7000 to £9999 £325                                      
£10,000 upwards £395