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MK lV Continental


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Result inc Premium: £345

Ford's Lincoln model cars have been designed by various designers and teams throughout the brand's history. The design process of a car involves the work of multiple individuals, and it is challenging to attribute the design of Lincoln models to a single person. However, there have been notable designers associated with Lincoln's design direction at different periods.

During the mid-20th century, renowned automobile designer Harley Earl played a significant role in shaping the design of Lincoln vehicles. Earl, known for his work at General Motors, joined Ford Motor Company in the late 1950s and influenced the design of various Ford and Lincoln models.

In recent years, Lincoln has emphasised a distinct design language and luxury aesthetic under the direction of Ford's design team. Moray Callum, the former Vice President of Design at Ford, and his team have been instrumental in creating the modern look and feel of Lincoln vehicles.

It's important to note that the design of Lincoln models is a collaborative effort involving a team of designers, stylists, engineers, and other specialists. The design direction is influenced by market trends, brand identity, and consumer preferences, which evolve.

Overall, the design of Ford’s model cars results from the collective creativity and expertise of the designers and teams within Ford Motor Company, who work to create vehicles that embody the luxury and elegance associated with the Lincoln brand. During his time at the Ford Motor Company, McNea was involved in the design process and, as can be seen from his renderings, contributed numerous proposals.

Artwork Description:

Size: 24”x18”

Materials: Pencil, Marker Pen & Gouache on vellum