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#4 Show Stand Sketch With Notations


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Result inc Premium: £230

During the 1960s and 1970s, the design of Ford Motor Company's show stands was a collaborative effort involving various designers and teams within the company, including Albert McNea, a senior designer who made significant contributions to Ford's design projects during that period.

Albert McNea played a role in designing Ford's show stands, which served as the backdrop for showcasing their vehicles and concepts at auto shows and exhibitions. The show stands were meticulously crafted to create an engaging and visually striking environment highlighting Ford's latest models and innovations.

The show stands of that era aimed to captivate the audience, featuring attention-grabbing displays, lighting, and spatial arrangements to create an immersive experience. These show stands played a vital role in presenting Ford's lineup and establishing the brand's image at various automotive events.

The collaborative effort of designers and teams, including Albert McNea, ensured that Ford's show stands reflected the company's commitment to design excellence and provided a fitting stage to showcase their vehicles and innovations to the public.

Artwork Description:

Size: 24”x18”

Materials: Pencil, Marker Pen & Gouache on vellum