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Show stand Featuring Ford's success at the Le Man 24hr race


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Result inc Premium: £834

During the 1960s and 1970s, the design of Ford Motor Company's show stands was a collaborative effort involving various designers and teams within the company. Albert McNea, a senior designer at Ford during that time, made notable contributions to the design of these show stands.

Albert McNea's expertise and creative input were instrumental in designing Ford's show stands, which served as captivating showcases for the brand's vehicles and concepts at auto shows and exhibitions. One of the remarkable show stands of that era was the one that celebrated Ford's historic victory over Ferrari in the LeMan 24-hour race with the iconic Ford GT40. The show stand commemorating the GT40's victory at Le Mans was designed to capture the excitement and significance of the achievement. It featured dynamic displays and visual elements highlighting the GT40's racing pedigree and Ford's dominance in motorsports. The stand aimed to evoke the exhilaration and passion of the LeMan victory, creating an immersive experience for attendees.

Artwork Description:

Size: 24”x18”

Materials: Pencil, Marker Pen & Gouache on vellum