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Saturday 4th November Design drawings by John Worker

Collection of design and concept drawings by John Worker

Anglia Car Auctions is pleased to offer this superb collection of original design and concept drawings from John Worker, a designer who was at the centre of the British car industry from the late 1960s through to the mid-1970s before setting up his own consultancy. The images include some little-known and fascinating ‘what might have been’ proposals for British Leyland cars such as the 1800/2200, Mini, Marina, Allegro and Princess as well as later Chryslers, the Aston Martin DBS V8 Ogle, and buses, tractors, trucks and trams. 

John started his career with Ogle Design in 1967 before joining British Motor Holdings, soon to become British Leyland. There he worked alongside Harris Mann in the styling department, and was involved in the creation of the Marina, Princess and Allegro, as well as potential reworkings of existing vehicles. Some of his images show ideas that were never applied to production models, such as 1100/1300 facelift proposals, Mini-based sports cars and different Princess styling exercises. After two years, he returned to Ogle to design The Sotherby Special show car, using an Aston Martin DBS V8 as its basis, followed by a brief spell at Chrysler where he was responsible for an Alpine proposal. In 1972, he set up his own independent firm and over the course of the next three decades worked in many different fields for clients such as Foden Trucks and Alexander Buses.

These high quality and interesting drawings allow a rare glimpse behind the scenes at alternative ideas for familiar British vehicles, as well as intriguing one-offs that have rarely, if ever, been seen in public until now.